Custom Products

Custom ProductsRogers Printing Inc. is capable of many different things. By exchanging information with one of our Business Development professionals, a “fit" analysis can be completed specific to your business needs. This brief consultation to communicate business needs is very beneficial in determining exactly how Rogers Printing Inc. can help you get the most from our custom-made print products. As a company, we want to know your objectives so we can make sure our products achieve their intended goals and become more than just dots on paper.

How can our 6-PAC format help your company?


Companies with unique business-to-business catalog needs do business with Rogers Printing Inc. because we have the skill and resources to handle all their needs under one roof. We can provide comprehensive services from market research, format engineering and graphic design services, through list procurement, mailing and customized distribution. Catalogs that fit our areas of expertise cover a wide range of specifications. The range is usually between high page count, perfect bound catalogs with quantities as low as 2,000 to smaller 8 pg or 16 pg, saddle-stitched catalogs with quantities to 1,000,000 plus. The degree of difficulty varies as well. Some catalogs are simple B/W catalogs, and others are complex 5 color catalogs requiring several price version changes to the text with customized and/or multiple imprinted covers.


Rogers Printing Inc. provides publication publishers with custom-made publishing products that best fit their needs and objectives. Magazines that fit our capability profile consist of monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly magazines with a circulation range of 5,000 to 250,000 copies. The final sizes we can produce vary from 5-1/4” x 8” - to - 9-1/4” x 10-7/8” and anywhere in between. Saddle-stitched and perfect bound formats are available ranging from 16 pg mini-magazines to large 400 pg+ publications. Like catalogs, we handle publishers needs all under one roof. From graphic design services to mailing from our in-house post office, we can and do manage the entire production process for publishing customers.


Rogers Printing Inc. produces millions of newsletters each year for specialty publishers, manufacturers, and agencies. 4 pg, 8 pg, 12 pg, and 16pg formats are the most popular. However, we do help customers by designing unique formats that stand out and differentiate their product! Many of them involve multiple versions, personalization, and imprinting. There are several efficient manufacturing possibilities that could become a newsletter. It’s best to speak with one of our Business Development professionals for newsletter format ideas.

Soft Cover Books

Rogers Printing Inc. provides book publishers with soft cover book products that are saddle-stitched and perfect bound in black & white, 2 color, or full color. We help publishers in the educational publishing market as well as providing custom designed and manufactured instructional manuals, map books, and fold-out pattern books for specialty publishers. Along with initially producing the new books, we have a system for managing inventory and efficiently managing continuous reprints.

Direct Mail

Our company provides marketers with efficient direct-mail formats that maximize manufacturing efficiency and postal discounts. On runs up to several million, our in-line finishing and sheeting capabilities offer several creative direct-mail formats that get results. Our patent-pending 6PAC Format design is a good example. We also provide database management, list rental services, variable data inkjet mailing, and mail entry directly from our in-house post office.


Our flyer products cater to companies that promote retail markets. Rogers Printing Inc. has developed a unique approach to flyer products; especially, if your business distributes products throughout a dealer network to multiple locations. We have the ability to produce 4 pg, 8 pg, 12 pg, and 16 pg flyers at favorable economies of scale with our in-line finishing capabilities on press. From there, we have added a unique twist to dealer customization, allowing flyers to be personalized and distributed to multiple locations in quantities as low as 500 per dealer.


If your strategy is to stand out in your retailer’s direct mail catalogs, consider one of our Stitch-In Insert products. We provide 4 pg, 6 pg, 8 pg, 12 pg, and 16 pg inserts to manufacturers who promote their products cooperatively with their retail customers. Our insert capabilities can easily accommodate size variations to fit almost any catalog size. Our insert products can also be used as newspaper inserts for specially targeted markets as well. There are several different folding formats available for an insert product. Your best bet to stand out is to speak with one of our Business Development professionals who are trained to help you pick the best format option for your business objectives.

Event Programs

If you need Festival and Event Programs, Rogers Printing Inc. can help. We understand the time constraints often associated with publishing festival, show, or sporting event programs. Formats for such programs vary to a wide degree and really push the concept of custom-made publishing. Some programs require pull out maps, some require short time frame manufacturing windows and some require special sizes. You name it, we have seen it. If you are looking for a partner to help you get this kind of project done in time with a “blue ribbon” look, Rogers Printing Inc., can help your organization.

Tourism Guides & Brochures

Visitors Guides and Destination Brochures are products that fit Rogers Printing Inc. The sizes we can produce for guides vary from 5-1/4” x 8” to 9-1/4” x 10-7/8”.  Booklets to 4" x 9" map folded brochures, and anywhere in between. The binding formats available include saddle-stitched, perfect bound, and a multitude of various folded brochure products. Some of our smaller booklet brochure products can be designed to finish at 4” x 9”, to conveniently fit into brochure racks for distribution.


If your organization publishes a directory, Rogers Printing Inc. can help! We provide several different directory formats that utilize 4-color display advertising, provide for inserts, and accommodate section over-runs for stand-alone brochures. If your information simply contains lists of categorized information, then perhaps one of our B/W directory formats would be best for your needs. There are many design variables that directories can involve. We suggest speaking with one of our Business Development professionals to see how we can help.


Rogers Printing Inc. has a unique calendar format that allows the calendars to be easily customized and imprinted. Our standard calendars are printed in 4-color process and finish flat at 8-1/2” x 10-7/8”, but they can be enlarged to 9-1/4” x 10-7/8”. Once hung on a wall, our calendar format displays a picture area above the calendar grid with a fold down 2” flap from the cover that can display any message for the entire calendar year. Our custom calendar products are great for year-around company promotion.


Rogers Printing Inc. understands that all businesses have different challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we understand that unique, custom formats often need to be created to achieve a specific objective. We possess a very diverse blend of manufacturing capabilities between our in-line finishing and sheeting abilities of our heatset web presses to the versioning flexibility of our sheetfed abilities. Pair our unique manufacturing abilities with the talents of our associates and you will get unique, custom format print ideas that provide differentiated solutions for your business.